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Welcome to Australia's emerging disability company.

We understand the importance of strong family connections and the crucial role they play in the lives of individuals with disabilities. That’s why we prioritize working closely with families and the community to create a supportive network that fosters growth, independence, and a sense of belonging.

Our team of compassionate and highly skilled professionals is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of our participants, their families, and carers. We believe that every individual deserves the highest quality of support, tailored to their unique needs and aspirations.

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Umoja mean Unity in Swahili and

We are inclusive

We values families

we values diversity

we work with communities

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Umoja Disability Services South Australia

At Umoja Disability Services, we go above and beyond to deliver personalized support services that empower individuals to live their lives to the fullest. Our dedicated team works collaboratively with participants, their families, and the wider community to create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Whether you are seeking support services for yourself or your loved one, we are here to provide you with the guidance, care, and assistance you deserve. Join us on this journey towards inclusivity, empowerment, and limitless possibilities.

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